55th Meeting of the EWGCFM (EWGCFM 2015) is organized by Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM; http://iam.metu.edu.tr/) of Middle East Technical University, EURO Working Group “Commodities and Financial Modelling” (EWGCFM; http://www.ewgfm.eu/) and The Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO; http://www.euro-online.org/). This conference may host 60-120 participants and it will take place at the campus of METU (http://www.metu.edu.tr/) in Ankara, Turkey, on May 14-16, 2015.

EWGCFM 2015 is an element of the conference series, whose 52th meeting was held in Vienna, Austria, in December 2013, the 53nd meeting took place in Chania, Crete, in May 2014, and the 54th meeting is going to take place in Milano, Italy, in December 2014. The EURO Working Group EWGCFM was founded in September 1986 in Lisbon. The primary field of interest for the working group can be described as “financial models that help to solve problems faced by financial managers in the firm”. EWGCFM 2015 will contribute to this purpose in modelling and problem solving through advances in theory, methods and practice, by applications of mathematics and statistics, economics and management sciences, engineering and environmental sciences, supported by modern Operational Research.

Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM), established in the year 2002, is a Graduate School and interdisciplinary centre with four programs: Financial Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences, Scientific Computing and Cryptography; it fosters various research and teaching activities in mathematical sciences. IAM supports and coordinates mathematics-based interdisciplinary education and research at METU, and it initiates and undertakes collaborative research with different industries and scientific organizations in Turkey, Europe and all over the world, aiming at improvements in development, living conditions and perspectives. Along this way, EURO has been a close partner of IAM since many years. As it has been acknowledged, IAM now is an international Centre of Excellence and a “driving force” within METU which entered the wider group of world-leading universities. That IAM has been chosen by the EURO Working Group EWGCFM to organize EWGCFM 2015 means a great honour for IAM, which is pleased to welcome colleagues and friends from Europe and all over the world to celebrate an unforgettable premium conference at beautiful and solemn METU in Ankara, capital of hospitable Turkey!