Currency Exchange

The currency of Turkey is Turkish Lira (TL or TRY). 1TL equals to 100Kurus (KR). Banknotes come in 5TL, 10TL, 20TL, 50TL, 100TL & 200TL and coins come in 1KR (almost none), 5KR, 10KR, 25KR, 50KR and 1TL. You may check exchange rates via Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, or alternatively Google Currency Converter. Currency exchange facilities are available in all banks, airports and in many hotels, but the exchange rates are usually slightly lower. The best rates are in the banks and currency exchange offices at the city center. 24 hour cash machines providing banking services by different banks are located at suitable points throughout the METU campus. US dollars and Euros are also widely accepted. Credit cards are accepted at most restaurants and shops, the most widely used being MasterCard & Visa. Please kindly note that American Express, Diners Club and JCB Cards are not commonly accepted.