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The conference will be held at the METU's Culture and Congress Center located on the METU Campus, Ankara, Turkey. Ankara, capital city of Turkey, has its own international airport (Ankara Esenboga International Airport). Ankara Esenboğa International Airport is 33 km (21 miles, about 40 minutes) North East of the city centre. Airport shuttle buses to the central bus terminal (named as ASTİ) of Ankara are available; and shuttle costs 10 Turkish Liras (equivalently 5 EURO, see Google Currency Converter). From ASTI, one can take a metered taxi to the METU campus (ODTU in Turkish). It costs roughly 16 Turkish Liras (equivalently 8 EURO, see Google Currency Converter).


The history of Ankara and its surroundings stretches back to the Hatti civilization of the Bronze Age. Two thousand years before the time of Jesus, the Hittites become the dominant power of the region, and were then followed by the Phyrgians, Lydians and Persians. In the 3rd Century BC, a Celtic race known as the Galatians made Ankara their capital city. The name Ankara comes from the word 'Ancyra', which means ‘anchor'.



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